Aims and Objectives

1. Non Political, non-religious and charitable organisation.
2. To promote cultural integration and community cohesion.
3. Like minded people from East London and Essex Sikh Community to network and  promote the interest of the community.
4. Endeavour to engage the community in the mainstream Social, Political, Cultural and Business activities.
5. To promote and safeguard the image of the community.
6. To promote charitable activities in England and abroad in Punjab.
7. To promote Sikh community to play its full part in the diverse community it lives in and to liaise with other communities.
8. To promote and respect community members, who contribute for its welfare and enhance the image.
9. Awareness campaign in the community about Rights and Responsibilities in this Country and in Punjab, India.
10. To encourage the younger generation to take full part in Social, Political, Cultural and Business activities.
11. To organise Professional and Business seminars for younger members of the community and to guide them to success.

Site Sewa by Dr. Surjit Singh Makker , BVSc & AH , MSc (IT), MCA for 


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